How you can help

The pilot stage of this project was generously funded by The John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation, with letters of support from City Council Districts 1, 13 and 14; Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society; Highland Park Heritage Trust; Occidental College and the California Digital Newspaper Collection. This grant funding concluded in March 2014 and additional funds are required to sustain the long-term project.

Please consider contributing in one of three ways below. Your donation will make an important contribution to the historical identity of Northeast Los Angeles, and inspire a deeper historical appreciation of this unique place.

1. Donate to the project fund:

It costs approximately $1.00 to scan 1 page and place it online in a searchable format.* Donations can now be submitted online through the Highland Park Heritage Trust website; please visit  and simply select the category ‘NELA News Project’, enter your donation info and submit. Or, you may contact Bob Kieft, College Librarian, at Occidental College.

Thank you for your support!

* Costs vary depending on format and condition of the original newspaper or microfilm. This figure does not take into account coordinating costs contributed by Occidental College.

2. Donate your historic newspapers:

Contact a partner institution for information on how to donate your materials. Please note, we are specifically looking to acquire historic newspapers of Northeast Los Angeles communities.

3. Donate your time or space:

Contact a partner institution to discuss how you can get involved in the project. Possible contributions include organizing fundraisers or assisting in outreach efforts.

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