Intriguing Article Series: Jobs for Womyn and Men

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The Highland Park Journal.
Circa 1950s

While at the storage unit earlier this week I stumbled across the “JOBS” section in the Highland Park Journal. What I found so interesting about this section in the newspaper is how the job postings were divided by gender. It is widely known that there was gender based discrimination in the job market especially in the 1950’s, however what stands out in this newspaper is the blatant discrimination. In addition to the jobs being divided by gender, the salary differences are obvious as well. In the men column, a Typists’ salary is $345 a month. Comparatively, in the womyn column, a Typists’ salary is  $330 a month. Womyn were simply not provided with the same opportunities/privileges as men, and no one was trying to hide it.

After seeing this, it made me think of all the second wave feminists who fought for  the opportunities and equality that we have today. I feel very privileged that I can apply to be a Factory Representative (a job listed in the men column), but even today I still will not make as much money as my male counterpart. It is truly amazing the major gains womyn have made over the past 60 + years, nevertheless we still have a long way to go.


Intriguing Article Series: Merchants Thank Residents in 1940

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The Eagle Rock Advertiser. 1940 December.

I stumbled across this lovely thank you in the Eagle Rock Advertiser. What caught my eye was the endearing Santa Claus with a megaphone.

This issue of the  Eagle Rock Advertiser features local merchants thanking the residents of Eagle Rock for their holiday shopping. It is interesting to witness how the times have changed just by surveying old newspapers. Today we rarely see thank yous’ from retail stores for holiday shopping. Instead, retail stores provide fantastic after holiday sales for us to spend more money.

Going through old newspapers helps me to understand why my grandparents reminisce about the days of their youth, when people were respectful and kind. As a consumer in 2013 I rarely feel appreciated, but my grandparents often did. Maybe one day a retail store will thank me for spending my hard earned money via email simply stating: “Ms.Ettress, thank you for being a loyal customer”.

Intriguing Article Series: Atomic Energy at Occidental

This is the first installment of the Intriguing Article Series where we will be blogging about news articles or photos we find in the NELA newspapers that are engaging and worthy of sharing.

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Eagle Rock Sentinel.
Vol. 49 Issue 35. 1958-06-12

This article comes from an issue of the Eagle Rock Sentinel circulated June 12, 1958.

While surveying microfilm of the Eagle Rock Sentinel last week, I came across this interesting front page. It discusses the Atomic Energy Commission awarding Occidental College with a grant to equip the Nuclear Physics Lab with advanced facilities. The article continues to talk about the Occidental Physics Program and the specific details of the advancements; including a loan of $5,500 worth of uranium and the installation of an atomic reactor

I found this interesting because as a student of a different discipline I did not know that our school had been given such a tremendous gift in the Physics department. Often students only know about the history of the institution within the happenings of their major. I believe knowing all aspects of Occidental creates broader perspective and appreciation for how dynamic the institution is.