Meet Eric Warren: President of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society

ERIC PICEric Warren is a native of Eagle Rock, California. He was in large part responsible for the initial preservation of the bulk of the NELA Newspaper collection, and is an indispensable member of the NELA Newspapers Pilot Project Leadership Committee.

His varied career came about through several experiences at Eagle Rock High School. He discovered through the theatre that it is possible to be in many places at one time. In Mr. Born’s photography class, he found that pictures are a window into the world for the photographer and his audience.

After brief detours into engineering and economics, it became clear that graduating from Occidental College would be contingent on receiving credit for the time he was spending backstage in the Drama Department. He graduated with that major and went on to Stanford University where he received his MFA in theatre design.

A brief foray into teaching and a longer one into electrical equipment design for the family business convinced him that his love of the theatre should center his career. For several years he freelanced, designing many productions and working as a scenic artist. His theatrical endeavors were crowned by 30 years of design for productions at Caltech.

The desire to earn a living led him to the movie business where, beginning with student productions he designed many low budget films and produced one in the heyday of low budget video. Union membership led to work as a Set Designer and Art Director in film, theme parks and television, most prominently an eleven-year gig on “ER” at Warner Brothers.

Eric continues to live in Eagle Rock and remains involved with community affairs and development and design issues. He is currently the president of the Kiwanis Club of Eagle Rock and a long time board member of the Eagle Rock High School Alumni Association.

Discovery of the remarkable archives of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society in neglected condition led to the restoration of the collection, his presidency of the Society, and authorship of Arcadia Publishing’s pictorial history “Eagle Rock”. The success of this volume prompted the writing of a sequel, “Eagle Rock: 1911-2011”.

Last year for Oxy’s 125th anniversary he designed “The Road to Eagle Rock” a pictorial exhibit on the college’s four locations in Los Angeles. He is delighted that many years of effort have led to the current grant to research the digitization of our wonderful collection of local newspapers.


NELA Newspapers Zotero Group

cite-zotero_logoI created a public Zotero Group for some of the materials I have consulted in the development of the pilot project. Zotero is a free, open-source tool to help you collect, organize, and share research sources. View the NELA Newspapers Pilot Project Group here:

Intriguing Article Series: Merchants Thank Residents in 1940

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.52.53 PM

The Eagle Rock Advertiser. 1940 December.

I stumbled across this lovely thank you in the Eagle Rock Advertiser. What caught my eye was the endearing Santa Claus with a megaphone.

This issue of the  Eagle Rock Advertiser features local merchants thanking the residents of Eagle Rock for their holiday shopping. It is interesting to witness how the times have changed just by surveying old newspapers. Today we rarely see thank yous’ from retail stores for holiday shopping. Instead, retail stores provide fantastic after holiday sales for us to spend more money.

Going through old newspapers helps me to understand why my grandparents reminisce about the days of their youth, when people were respectful and kind. As a consumer in 2013 I rarely feel appreciated, but my grandparents often did. Maybe one day a retail store will thank me for spending my hard earned money via email simply stating: “Ms.Ettress, thank you for being a loyal customer”.

July 8th Presentation at the Ebell Club

Kate Dundon, project Manager of the NELA Newspapers Pilot Project, speaking on project goals. Photo by hectorskeltor.

Kate Dundon, project Manager of the NELA Newspapers Pilot Project, speaking on project goals. Photo by hectorskeltor.

I was thrilled to see so many people come out to our presentation at the Ebell Club this Monday. By Tony Castillo’s count, close to 50 people attended, including many new faces. I spoke with several people afterward who are interested in participating in the project, and I look forward to brainstorming fundraising ideas with them and other interested community members. You can download the slideshow I used in my presentation here: NELA Newspapers presentation.

Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, and audience members

Eric Warren, president of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, and audience members


Help us identify publication dates

In a previous post, I invited others to suggest other NELA titles not currently listed in our collection inventory. Here, I have included the same list, and am hoping some of our community members can help us identify and correct the first and last dates of publication for these titles. Please share any information you have in the comment section, or email me at dundon @ Thank you!

Belvedere Citizen                                 (1934-current, or possibly 4/27/1994)
Boulevard Sentinel                               (5/17/1997- current)
The Campus Sleuth                              (1936-?)
Community Press                                  (1932-19?? [possibly 1937])
Eagle Rock Advertiser                          (1928-12/27/1945)
Eagle Rock Independent                      (1/1929-19??)
Eagle Rock News-Herald                      (5/23/1930-19??)
Eagle Rock Press Advertiser                 (1/3/1946-19??)
Eagle Rock Reporter                             (1924 or 1925-8/28/1925)
Eagle Rock Reporter and Sentinel        (9/4/1925-5/16/1930)
Eagle Rock School News                      (5/22/1936-19??)
Eagle Rock Sentinel                              (3/9/1910-1995)
Eagle Rock Star                                     (19??-19??)
Eagle’s Scream                                      (April or May 1927-19??)
Eastside Journal                                    (3/21/1935-19??)
The ERGS                                              (?-?)
The Heavy Rock                                    (?-?)
Highland Park Herald                            (circa 1905-10/17/1924)
The Highland Park Herald and Journal (circa 1/1962-circa 6/1962)
Highland Park Journal                           (19??-circa 1956)
Highland Park News-Herald                  (10/24/1924-10/1/1956)
Highland Park News-Herald & Journal  (10/4/1956-19??)
Highland Park Post Dispatch                 (19??-19??)
Lincoln Heights Bulletin News                (1928-19??)
The Mount Washington Star-Review       (19??-19??)
Northeast Newspapers Vista magazine (19??-19??)
Northeast Sun                                         (19??-current?)
El Sereno Star                                         (19??-current?)
South Pasadena Journal                         (19??-199?)
The Summit Niche circa                          (3/1995-5/3/1997)
The Weekender                                       (19??-current?)

Presentation on the NELA Newspaper Project

I am leading a presentation on the NELA Newspaper Pilot Project this Monday at the Ebell Club in Highland Park. I will give a brief background of the project, and an update on our achievements and timeline. It will be followed by a regular meeting of the Highland Park Heritage Trust.

The presentation is free and open to the public. Please stop by to learn about this exciting effort to preserve the history of Northeast Los Angeles!


Monday, July 8, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Ebell Club- 131 South Avenue 57, Highland Park

Meet Antonio Castillo, President of the Highland Park Heritage Trust

Self Photo

To continue our series of profiles on members of the NELA Newspapers collaborators, meet Antonio Castillo, President of the Highland Park Heritage Trust. Antonio is one of the primary members of the NELA Newspapers Leadership Committee, and has recently helped the group secure a space for a presentation on the project.

Antonio is a long-time resident and active member of the Northeast Los Angeles community. As an urban planner, he has studied many communities and understands the importance of advocating for the recognition and appreciation of the unique history of each community as a means of shaping collective identity and managing change.

With over 13 years of professional experience, Antonio has held positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in urban planning, architectural design, and historic preservation. Antonio earned an A.S. degree in Architectural Technology and Historic Preservation from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, a B.S. degree in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and is currently a Master Degree candidate in Public Administration at California State University, Northridge.