Meet Antonio Castillo, President of the Highland Park Heritage Trust

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To continue our series of profiles on members of the NELA Newspapers collaborators, meet Antonio Castillo, President of the Highland Park Heritage Trust. Antonio is one of the primary members of the NELA Newspapers Leadership Committee, and has recently helped the group secure a space for a presentation on the project.

Antonio is a long-time resident and active member of the Northeast Los Angeles community. As an urban planner, he has studied many communities and understands the importance of advocating for the recognition and appreciation of the unique history of each community as a means of shaping collective identity and managing change.

With over 13 years of professional experience, Antonio has held positions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors in urban planning, architectural design, and historic preservation. Antonio earned an A.S. degree in Architectural Technology and Historic Preservation from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, a B.S. degree in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and is currently a Master Degree candidate in Public Administration at California State University, Northridge.


The NELA Exhibit

Last week the Special Collection Department asked Kate and I to set up an exhibit of the NELA project for Alumni weekend . Kate and I worked for hours deciding what would be placed in the exhibit, the lay out, and creating labels for each piece. I am a crafter so the labeling and making cards portion of this project was really fun for me. We decided on placing 5 loose newspapers; one of the Highland Park News-Herald & Journal, two of the Occidental Weekly, and two of the Eagle Rock Sentinel. We also placed a bound volume of newspapers from the Highland Park Post Dispatch and one reel of microfilm. The selection process was mainly focusing on what was eye-catching or interesting to read. In addition, we included a circulation map of NELA newspapers, so that viewers could see where newspapers in the case were distributed. Our end goal for this exhibit was to create awareness about the NELA Project, in addition to visually providing a representative sample of the materials we will be working with. Here are some pictures of the exhibit!



Suggest current or historic titles to include in our project

Part of this project is to seek out NELA community newspaper titles that are not in our collection for potential acquisition. Can you think of any current or historic titles that we might not know about? Talk to us! Please comment below or contact me at []. (See our growing list of titles that we do not have here).

Titles we currently hold:
Belvedere Citizen
Boulevard Sentinel
The Campus Sleuth
Community Press
Eagle Rock Advertiser
Eagle Rock Independent
Eagle Rock News-Herlad
Eagle Rock Press Advertiser
Eagle Rock Reporter
Eagle Rock Reporter and Sentinel
Eagle Rock School News
Eagle Rock Sentinel
Eagle Rock Star
Eagle’s Scream
Eastside Journal
The Heavy Rock
Highland Park Herald
The Highland Park Herald and Journal
Highland Park Journal
Highland Park News-Herald
Highland Park News-Herald & Journal
Highland Park Post Dispatch
Lincoln Heights Bulletin News
The Mount Washington Star-Review
The News-Herald and Journal
Northeast Newspapers Vista magazine
Northeast Sun
El Sereno Star
South Pasadena Journal
The Summit Niche
The Weekender

Who we are, what we do

Circulation map of Northeast Newspapers, circa 1980s.

Generously funded by The John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation, the Preservation and Digitization of Northeast Los Angeles Community Newspapers project (or, NELA Newspapers) is a pilot project to establish standards and procedures for a larger program to increase access to community newspapers of the area. It is a collaboration between Occidental College Special Collections and College Archives, the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, and the Highland Park Heritage Trust, with special contribution from the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research at the University of California, Riverside.

Learn more about the grant and the project here.

Learn more about how the Occidental College Library documents Northeast Los Angeles regional history here.

We plan to use this site to discuss, share, and promote our work to preserve and digitize Northeast Los Angeles community newspapers. Check back with us to see what we’re up to!