Big Thanks to Arroyo Seco, Eagle Rock & Historic Highland Park NCs!

Welcome to our founding supporters: Arroyo Seco, Eagle Rock, and Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Councils have committed a total of $2500 for the 2014/15 year.

We estimate it will cost $200,000 to digitize and put online the roughly 340,000 pages in our collection. In order to prepare for future grant requests to a foundation or government agency for large-scale funding, we are initially seeking support and commitment from the Northeast Los Angeles community  — neighbors, local elected bodies, and the offices of elected officials  Tip of our collective hats to our neighborhood councils for getting us started.

We are or soon will be in contact with other Neighborhood Councils, the three City Council Districts that supported our grant proposal, and other City and County offices. We have also established a means for accepting contributions from individuals through the Highland Park Heritage Trust website.

We are grateful for all donations –from individuals, groups and organizations. Please see How You Can Help to contribute.


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