Teaching with Historic Newspapers

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, the NELA Leadership Group invited Occidental College faculty and administrators  to a luncheon and presentation about teaching with historic Northeast Los Angeles Community Newspapers. The primary goals of the meeting were to:
1. Introduce Oxy faculty to the NELA Newspapers Collection and Project.
2. Get feedback from faculty on the collection and tools of access.
3. Learn about how faculty currently, or would like to, use historic newspapers in their curriculum.

The attendees –including faculty in History, American Studies, Political Science, and English Writing; research specialists in our Instruction + Research group, Oxy’s Communications Director, and the College student newspaper advisor — joined  Leadership Group members Bob Kieft of Occidental College Library, Carmela Gomes of Highland Park Heritage Trust and Eric Warren of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society

After a brief introduction to the NELA Newspapers Collection by Special Collections Librarian/College Archivist Dale Ann Stieber, Project Manager Kate Dundon presented the NELA Newspapers Pilot Project, and open the floor to a discussion on how historic newspapers are used in faculty research and teaching.

I’ll follow up with key points of the discussion that included thoughts on campus / community involvement in gathering newspapers; barriers to overcome for researchers in using local newspapers; and faculty ideas on designing research projects and curricula using NELA newspapers.


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