Researching Northeast Newspapers corporate history

Before placing our digitized content online, we have to exercise due diligence in our investigation of the copyright status of this material. Many of the titles in the collection were published by Northeast Newspapers, including the Highland Park News Herald & Journal, the Eagle Rock Sentinel, Lincoln Heights Bulletin News, South Pasadena Journal, and others.

In a previous post, I described our process of determining whether materials were in the public domain. However, we also needed to research who currently holds the copyright to these titles. It seemed well established that Wave Publications Group held the copyright, but I wanted to find out more about the how this change of ownership occurred. I constructed the following corporate history timeline. (The source articles are linked to here, or you can view them via our NELA Newspapers Zotero Group Library here.)

July 1991: Oran Asa sells Northeast Newspapers to Community Media Enterprises (CME),  which also owns Southern California Community Newspapers. (LA Times)

January 1993: Southern California Community Newspapers ceases publication of its 20 South LA community newspapers, but it’s “Northeast Newspapers subsidiary, which publishes under eight mastheads and includes the South Pasadena Journal and the Eastside Journal” remained open. Banks put chain up for sale. Publisher is Ric Trent. (LA Times)

July 1994: Southern California Community Newspapers becomes Urban Newspapers. (LA Times)

July 1994: Wave Newspaper Group enters into a joint agreement that combines Urban Newspapers, Northeast Newspapers, and Central News-Wave Publications. Publisher is Ric Trent. (LA Times and Editor & Publisher)

July 1998: Wave Community Newspapers files for bankruptcy (Pluria Marshall, Jr. and the Wave Community Newspapers. Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia, 2001.)

  • Brian Hews = Chief Executive of Wave Community Newspapers (Pluria Marshall)
  • Arthur Nestor Hews = CEO of Wave Newspaper Group (LA Times)
  • Ric Trent = executive publisher of Wave Community Newspapers (Central News-Wave Publications + Urban Newspapers)
  • Dr. C.Z. Wilson = publisher of Central News-Wave Publications (Pluria Marshall)
  • Art Aguilar = publisher of Urban Newspapers (Pluria Marshall)

2000: Pluria Marshall, owner of Texas-based Equal Access Media Inc. considers acquiring Wave Community Newspapers Inc. (LA Times)

2000: Pluria Marshall acquires Wave Community Newspapers (Black Enterprise)

December 2004: Wave Community Newspapers Inc. (“the Wave group”) files for bankruptcy. (LA Times and Editor & Publisher)


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