Intriguing Article Series: Merchants Thank Residents in 1940

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.52.53 PM

The Eagle Rock Advertiser. 1940 December.

I stumbled across this lovely thank you in the Eagle Rock Advertiser. What caught my eye was the endearing Santa Claus with a megaphone.

This issue of the  Eagle Rock Advertiser features local merchants thanking the residents of Eagle Rock for their holiday shopping. It is interesting to witness how the times have changed just by surveying old newspapers. Today we rarely see thank yous’ from retail stores for holiday shopping. Instead, retail stores provide fantastic after holiday sales for us to spend more money.

Going through old newspapers helps me to understand why my grandparents reminisce about the days of their youth, when people were respectful and kind. As a consumer in 2013 I rarely feel appreciated, but my grandparents often did. Maybe one day a retail store will thank me for spending my hard earned money via email simply stating: “Ms.Ettress, thank you for being a loyal customer”.


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