Help us identify publication dates

In a previous post, I invited others to suggest other NELA titles not currently listed in our collection inventory. Here, I have included the same list, and am hoping some of our community members can help us identify and correct the first and last dates of publication for these titles. Please share any information you have in the comment section, or email me at dundon @ Thank you!

Belvedere Citizen                                 (1934-current, or possibly 4/27/1994)
Boulevard Sentinel                               (5/17/1997- current)
The Campus Sleuth                              (1936-?)
Community Press                                  (1932-19?? [possibly 1937])
Eagle Rock Advertiser                          (1928-12/27/1945)
Eagle Rock Independent                      (1/1929-19??)
Eagle Rock News-Herald                      (5/23/1930-19??)
Eagle Rock Press Advertiser                 (1/3/1946-19??)
Eagle Rock Reporter                             (1924 or 1925-8/28/1925)
Eagle Rock Reporter and Sentinel        (9/4/1925-5/16/1930)
Eagle Rock School News                      (5/22/1936-19??)
Eagle Rock Sentinel                              (3/9/1910-1995)
Eagle Rock Star                                     (19??-19??)
Eagle’s Scream                                      (April or May 1927-19??)
Eastside Journal                                    (3/21/1935-19??)
The ERGS                                              (?-?)
The Heavy Rock                                    (?-?)
Highland Park Herald                            (circa 1905-10/17/1924)
The Highland Park Herald and Journal (circa 1/1962-circa 6/1962)
Highland Park Journal                           (19??-circa 1956)
Highland Park News-Herald                  (10/24/1924-10/1/1956)
Highland Park News-Herald & Journal  (10/4/1956-19??)
Highland Park Post Dispatch                 (19??-19??)
Lincoln Heights Bulletin News                (1928-19??)
The Mount Washington Star-Review       (19??-19??)
Northeast Newspapers Vista magazine (19??-19??)
Northeast Sun                                         (19??-current?)
El Sereno Star                                         (19??-current?)
South Pasadena Journal                         (19??-199?)
The Summit Niche circa                          (3/1995-5/3/1997)
The Weekender                                       (19??-current?)


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