The NELA Exhibit

Last week the Special Collection Department asked Kate and I to set up an exhibit of the NELA project for Alumni weekend . Kate and I worked for hours deciding what would be placed in the exhibit, the lay out, and creating labels for each piece. I am a crafter so the labeling and making cards portion of this project was really fun for me. We decided on placing 5 loose newspapers; one of the Highland Park News-Herald & Journal, two of the Occidental Weekly, and two of the Eagle Rock Sentinel. We also placed a bound volume of newspapers from the Highland Park Post Dispatch and one reel of microfilm. The selection process was mainly focusing on what was eye-catching or interesting to read. In addition, we included a circulation map of NELA newspapers, so that viewers could see where newspapers in the case were distributed. Our end goal for this exhibit was to create awareness about the NELA Project, in addition to visually providing a representative sample of the materials we will be working with. Here are some pictures of the exhibit!




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