Meet our Student Worker, Aneesah

IMG_20120705_143929To begin our series of profiles on members of the NELA Newspapers collaborators meet, Aneesah Ettress. She is a rising sophomore at Occidental College. Her majors are Diplomacy and World Affairs and Economics, and she will be minoring in French. She has traveled to Haiti twice for missionary work, having just recently returned from her second trip on June 10th 2013. She is a member of various clubs at Oxy and currently a Black History Month Co-Chair for BSA. As a first year Aneesah was hired as a Peer Research Assistant and has enjoyed being a part of the Scholarship Technology Department at Oxy.

Aneesah’s  work has been in conducting focus groups to help improve the Occidental College Library Website; she will be continuing this project in Fall 2013. Hired as a student worker for the NELA Newspaper Pilot Project for Summer 2013, she will be examining bound, loose, and microfilm copies of NELA newspapers; in addition to other tasks related to the project.

“It will be interesting to see the history of NorthEast Los Angeles as I have grown up near it in Monrovia, California”, says Aneesah. “In addition, I am looking forward to seeing Occidental College in some of these newspapers as it will deepen my knowledge of the institution and the surrounding community.”


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